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Domino and Presley, Mutual Admiration: In Baz Luhrmann’s new drama ‘ELVIS’ in the ’69 Las Vegas press conference scene, Elvis says, “…I’m not the King of Rock’n’roll. ..here is Fats Domino, he is the true King of Rock’n’roll.” 

While Elvis loved Fats Domino, some fans commented that Elvis didn’t actually say that line. 

However, EIN would like to point out that Elvis’s words, when asked about Fats Domino, were in fact “…I love him, he’s the best!” 

Dramatically, along with Elvis’ previous comments to Jet magazine, a similar comment is made. 

As reported by super fan Maria Columbus, “Elvis was asked what he thought of Fats Domino. Elvis smiled and said, ‘I love him, he’s the best!’ 

Before singing ‘Blueberry Hill’ in Austin City, on stage the great Fats Domino said… “…right now I’m going to make a song, and I’m going to play it for a wonderful man that I loved so much.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dxs8Q_EagE]

 I can’t help it, but I say this every night when I play this number. I have played this song so many times and I think of this man every time I play it.

 I play this for the great Elvis Presley.” 

Source: elvisinfonet.com 

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina


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