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In July 1963 Elvis begins recording and filming “Viva Las Vegas” for MGM, co-starring Ann-Margret. It will be his fifteenth film and one of the most recognized of his entire career.

Although it was recorded before “Kissin’ Cousins”, it will actually be the latter that will be released before. The attraction between Elvis and Margret is instant. In October 1963, Elvis began filming and recording the soundtrack for his next movie, Kissin’ Cousins. 

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It is around these dates that Elvis also receives his second degree black belt, specifically on October 17, 1963. He will carry this accreditation in his wallet until his death. 

Filming for “Kissin’ Cousins” wraps up on November 14. Elvis (who is with Ann-Margret at the time) is devastated when President Kennedy is assassinated on November 22.

“Fun in Acapulco” opens nationally on November 27, 1963 and quickly rises to number five in the highest-grossing movies. The soundtrack likewise (which incorporates, as bonus tracks, songs from the June ’63 Nashville recordings) goes to the top five on the pop charts. 

At this point, Elvis spends practically all his time filming movies, leaving aside in a certain sense his musical career, with which he had achieved success.

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