On March 7, 1960, a train arrives in Memphis at 7:45 am, in the middle of a fierce snow storm. In it Elvis Presley travels, back home, after finishing his commitment with the United States Army, in Germany.

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It was snowing and a freezing wind was blowing. But that did not stop a large crowd from waiting for their idol at the station, shouting with all their love for the artist: “We want Elvis!” 

Everyone adored him… It seemed that he had never left his home.

It was nice having you on board,” the driver, HD Kennamer, told him, shaking his hand.
 ”Thank you, sir,” said Elvis, happy to get his life back, that life that was paralyzed for two years.
 He walked along the fence, through the bars that served as protection, and affectionately shook hands with his admirers. He saw familiar people and recognized familiar faces… It was all like a dream.

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Many fans waited very early in the morning, despite the frigid day, at Union Station in Memphis, to welcome him home. 
After greeting the fans, Elvis headed to Graceland. At last his desire to return home would come true. And although what he loved the most in this world was not going to be waiting for him at home, because he was gone forever, she continued and continued to be deep inside him throughout his life. Although his ephemeral body was gone, Gladys never left him.

In the afternoon, the same day he arrived, Elvis gave a press conference at Vernon’s office, in a small building just behind Graceland, where some 50 journalists bombarded him with questions:
 What had he learned from life in the army? How was his music going to change? Had you decided on your first single yet?…

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Elvis told everyone how glad he was to be home again and coped with the same poise he always did on all public occasions. 
The white nylon Christmas tree in the corner of the room, lights twinkling and filled with what looked like Christmas presents, was still there as a memento from the last Christmas Elvis had celebrated at Graceland, before he left for his service. Military.

A very happy day, without a doubt, in the life of Elvis. I was home again.
Welcome Home Elvis!.
Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo.
Rosa Garcia Mora 
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