Elvis in Charro


On August 7, 1968, Elvis recorded the theme and began filming his 29th movie, “Charro!”, a very fashionable spaghetti western at the time. Elvis is initially very happy with the project that is presented to him, but gradually realizes that he will not be able to give a great performance. For the movie Elvis grows his beard to more closely resemble the character. The film’s theme song will play over the opening credits, but there will be no other Elvis songs. This will be the first and only film in which Elvis will not sing on camera.

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In October 1968, Elvis recorded the soundtrack and began filming his 30th film, again for the Metro Goldwyn Mayer titled “The Trouble With The Girls” which will end in December. In this film he sings again, but in very natural situations, unlike previous films. Everything and that the quality of the film can be debated, it is another film very different from the typical Elvis.

On October 23, 1968 “Live A Little, Love A Little” makes its premiere in national theaters.

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In November 1968 “If I Can Dream” was released on the market, achieving a not inconsiderable number #12, one of the best positions in recent years and which would bring him significant sales. For its part, the album that shows Elvis in his special under the title “Elvis” hits hard, also reaching # 8 on the pop charts. Sales are good as are reviews. Everything seems to indicate that the journey through the desert is over and that Elvis has a free hand to recover his musical career.

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