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“It was the most beautiful car I had ever seen, the day I bought it I parked it outside my hotel and stayed up all night just looking at it.”

Elvis Presley

Elvis bought his first car as soon as his artistic career began to take off, at a used car dealership. There, he fell completely in love with a Pink Cadillac with a white roof, which they had for sale, and that purchase would mark the beginning of a great obsession and passion for cars, although he had always loved them and his dream had always been to have a beautiful and elegant car.

In early March 1955, Elvis acquired this first 1954 Pink Cadillac. It was pink and white, and it was what Elvis, Scotty and Billy used as transportation for about three months to travel on their concert tours. But on June 7, 1955, after giving a show in Hope, Arkansas, at the Fair Park Coliseum, Elvis was heading to Texarkana with a young woman from the town, while Billy and Scotty were traveling in another car with some friends.

And unfortunately, halfway there, Elvis’s pink and white Cadillac caught fire and was completely burned, when a brake lining went up in flames, on the highway between Hope and Texarkana. Elvis was devastated.

On July 7, 1955, Elvis purchased his second Cadillac, a new 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60. It was a nice blue color with a black roof, to replace the Cadillac that burned out. With great enthusiasm, he had his neighbor paint the car and design a very special pink color for him. He called him ‘Elvis Rose‘. This was the car that Elvis gave to his mother. Gladys would always proudly say that “this was her car,” even though she never had a driver’s license.

The roof of the car would later be painted again, white, after another accident the boys had during the tours.

The rest of the Cadillacs and cars that Elvis owned and bought throughout his life would be history… Elvis’ name will always be linked to this legendary car brand…

Article written and provided by Rosa García Mora https://www.facebook.com/rosa.garciamora.12

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