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The Bible that was on Elvis Presley’s bedroom nightstand the night he died at Graceland has been sold at auction.

It sold for $120,000 at Kruse GWS Auctions over Memorial Day weekend. He received 23 offers.

After Presley’s death, his cousin, Patsy Presley, kept the Rock’n’Roll legend‘s Bible. “…this Bible comes with a handwritten letter from Elvis’ cousin, Patsy Presley, with whom he was very close.
The letter reads in part: “…shortly after Elvis died, my Uncle Vernon (Elvis’ father) and I went up to Elvis’ bedroom at Graceland to organize and pack many of his personal belongings.

This Holy Bible was one of three that Elvis had on his nightstand. After packing them up, Uncle Vernon asked me to take them home to put them away and finally he gave them to me,’” reads the description of the auction lot.

Elvis Presley was a deeply spiritual man and read the Bible before shows. “…many people don’t know that after every concert, he would relax by singing Gospel songs until the sun came up,” Billy Stanley, Presley’s stepbrother, tells Fox News Digital. “…He was in contact with the Lord“.

Source: Kruse GSW AUCTIONS

Information provided by Carlos R. Ares. Elvis Shop Argentina https://www.facebook.com/elvis.line.7

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