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On July 31, 1969, Elvis Presley returns to perform in public after spending 8 long years away from the stage.  And he does it at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, like a panther on stage.

His illusion, but also his fears and his ghosts would go on stage with him.

He did not expect what was going to happen… his comeback was an unprecedented success, he wowed the public and was acclaimed by all the press.

 The season began on July 31 and ended on August 28, 1969. He performed 57 shows, all of them with audience records.

After this Opening Show, he gave a Press Conference.

Elvis was hansome and plethoric, with an imposing presence, after the reception of the public and the press, who did not stop applauding as soon as he appeared, like a divinity, through the door of the Press room.

These were some of the questions he answered:

Q: ‘ Why have you waited so long to perform Live again?’ ‘Did you return to Live Performing because of the Phenomenal successes of Wales Singer Tom Jones and British Crooner Engelbert Humperdinck?’

Elvis: (Elvis shook his head at the suggestion…) ‘I think they are great’, ‘But my decision to return was made in 1965, and it was hard to wait’, … ‘I don’t think I could have waited any longer’ … ‘We had to finish up the movie commitments we had before I could start on this … ‘I missed the live contact with an Audience’. ‘It was getting harder and harder to sing to a camera all day’.

 Q : ”Did you enjoy playing live again?”

 Elvis: ”Yes!  … ”This has been one of the most exciting nights of my life!…”.

 Q : ”Did you feel nervous during the show?”

 Elvis: ”For the first three songs, more or less.  I didn’t feel relaxed until after Love me Tender…”

 Q: ”Why did you choose a black support group?:

 Elvis: “They help me feel… and they reach my soul.”

Q: ”Do you think it was a mistake to make so many movie soundtrack albums?”

 Elvis: ”I think so…When you do ten songs in a movie, they can’t all be good songs…”.

 Q: ”Do you like to wear leather jackets, like the one you wore in your TV special?”

 Elvis: ”No!  …. ”I hate wearing them, because they get too hot when you’re working…”

 Q. ”How did you choose the songs for the show?”

 Elvis: “I just sang my favorite songs!!”

Q: ‘Do you want to do more Live Shows?’

Elvis: ‘I want to … I would like to play all over the World’ … ‘I chose Las Vegas to play first, because it is a place people come to from all over’.

 Q : ”Is it true that you dye your hair?”

 Elvis: ”Sure, I’ve always done it for the movies”

Q: ‘Why have you led such a secluded life all these years?’

Elvis: ‘It’s not secluded Honey’ … ‘I’m just Sneaky’.

Q: ‘Do you still own about 10 cars?’

Elvis: ‘I have never owned that many’…. ‘Only 4 or 5 at most’.

Q: ‘Elvis is there any other Individual You would rather be?’

Elvis: ‘Are you Kidding?

And with questions like these, the press conference developed. Elvis give away us his stunning beauty and his words, letting us know that it had been one of the most exciting nights of his life.

The King had returned to the stage.

Today, August 1… 53 years ago.

And after this, many more would come…

Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo.



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