Barbara Eden

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Barbara Eden, the star of ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ is now 90 years old.

She is participating in ELVIS WEEK 2022 and recently spoke about working with Elvis on his 1960 movie “Flaming Star”.

“…unlike other co-stars, I didn’t have an affair with Elvis, he was a true gentleman; at the time I was married to actor Michael Ansara.

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I would go to the set and Elvis would find me a chair; actors usually don’t do that, you can sit on the floor, they don’t care.

And in between takes, when they were fixing the lights and stuff, Elvis would pull out his guitar and sing beautifully.

And we used to talk, we talk a lot.

Elvis asked me ‘…how do you sustain a marriage if you work in Hollywood?’

I explained: ‘…you know, it’s our job.

This is how we make money. That is all’.

He told me: ‘…well, I met this girl in Germany, but I’m not sure, she’s terribly young.’

But you didn’t tell me how young! Priscilla was then 16 years old. And I said, ‘Well, you know, if you two are a team, you’ll be fine.

Barbara Eden and her husband would later attend the Elvis show in Las Vegas.

“…I’ve seen a lot of people work, but this was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. Elvis was fabulous, just wonderful.

And I remember it that way, not the last few years. Elvis was beautiful, he was lovely to work with, without a big ego.

He was very sure of himself. He knew what he wanted to achieve and it was wonderful to work with him.

He knew the role was demanding and tough, but he worked just as hard on it.

And he was really good.

I just loved him.”


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