ELVIS ON TOUR – on the way to the Golden Globe – (Part 5)

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The first, official meeting of the future filmmakers with the popular singer took place after one of the latter’s concerts in Las Vegas. In February 1972.

Despite the huge, very positive impression that Elvis made on both producers (” … we were impressed we did not know what to say “), Robert Abel managed to present to him his expectations regarding possible further cooperation at the very beginning of the conversation. ” I shoot documentaries and I’m not really interested in the music itself, but in the man who makes it, ” he explained. “ Though I wish you had your real music on the tape as well. The soundtracks released so far have not made the best impression on me. If we tell an interesting story about you, it could turn out to be an interesting film… ”.

In later interviews, Abel did not hide that the only films with Elvis that he really noticed were “Jailhouse Rock”, “King Creole” and “Flaming Star”.

The behind-the-scenes meeting, during which ideas for the document’s production were initially discussed, took place in a friendly atmosphere. Elvis was in a great mood the whole time. He was joking a lot and most importantly … from the very beginning he seemed to be genuinely interested in making a new production.

According to various sources, he did not object even when Abel and Adidge made it clear that they would not undertake further cooperation until he promised them that he would act completely natural during the shooting (in their opinion in “That’s The Way It Is “There were more games than real Elvis).

A week later, preparations for the production of the film, which would eventually be renamed “On Tour” (ie “On Tour”), were in full swing. As Jerry Hopkins writes in his book, Pierre Adidge went with Colonel Parker on a three-day tour of the locations where Elvis was due to be touring in April, selecting those best suited for filming. Robert Abel stayed on the spot at that time and dealt with the completion of the film crew and the necessary equipment.

Eleven Eclair cameras were to be used for the project. Small, discreet recorders equipped with 11-minute rolls of film (to maintain continuity, the cameras were connected to a tape recorder, ” collecting sound and image from all sources “).

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The spring tour is scheduled to start on Wednesday, April 5, 1972. Before Elvis showed up to Buffalo in West New York for the opening concert, he traveled to Los Angeles for a few days for a short recording session and rehearsals with the band.

He was accompanied by MGM cameras during his journey …

6363 Sunset Boulevard

According to initial plans, the premiere of the film, just like in 1970, was to be accompanied by the release of an album with a soundtrack. The premiere of the album, entitled “Standing Room Only”, was scheduled for August 1972.

However, although the longplay appeared on the release plans and as it might seem, the work on it was very advanced – it was even given the LSP 4762 catalog number and a cover was approved for it – it never saw the light of day in the end. Just like the list of songs planned for it. To this day, it is not clear whether the RCA label intended to make a strictly concert release, using material recorded during the winter tour of Presley’s performances in Las Vegas, or an album referring to the concept of “That’s The Way It Is” released two years earlier.

Information provided by Mariusz Ogieg?o of EP Land (Poland)


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