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 As a general rule, Robert Kendall (Funeral Director) discouraged family members from placing valuables inside the coffin and made it clear to Vernon Presley, however, this time, going against his own prohibitions, he allowed a small sign from Lisa-Marie, who was only nine years old.

On the first day, after all the family members had passed by the casket, Lisa Marie approached Kendall, still holding her mother’s hand, and asked, “…Mr. Kendall, can I give this to my dad?“. 

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She held out her hand to display a thin metal bracelet, and from her attitude, Kendall thought Lisa Marie was afraid to touch her beloved father’s body. 

Instead of removing Lisa Marie’s bracelet, Kendall took her hand and led her to her dad. Lisa Marie, bracelet in hand, approached the coffin. 

He didn’t look at his father’s body when Kendall asked him to point to the doll he wanted Kendall to use it on. 

Instead of pointing to his father’s wrist, he pointed to his right wrist. 

Kendall realized that Lisa-Marie had an innate aversion to touching a deceased person, even one she loved so much. 

He carefully lifted Elvis’s right forearm to place the bracelet on it. 

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Lisa Marie looked at the ground during the entire procedure. “…thank you, sir…” she whispered as she walked arm in arm with Kendall until she reached her mother in the hallway. 

Shortly before he left, he asked Kendall… “…is he going to stay there forever?”, and Kendall he assured her that he would stay there forever. 

As Lisa Marie headed for the front door, Priscilla asked if Kendall could cover the bracelet with a shirt cuff so it wouldn’t show. 

Though he didn’t give any reason, Kendall suspected it was to prevent the bracelet from becoming a temptation to be stolen as a souvenir.

 Source: “Elvis – Stories Pictures and More” 

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