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Elvis and Dolores Hart


Dolores Hart stood out on the big screen for her talent and great beauty, however, she decided to take the robes and is now mother superior

Elvis Presley was undoubtedly one of the most important Hollywood stars of the 1960s, the same time that a beautiful young woman took her first steps in the film industry in the United States.

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We are referring to Dolores Hart, the beautiful actress, who conquered the so-called King of Rock and Roll and made her debut alongside the singer, but at the peak of her career she abandoned fame and the cinema to become a nun.

Dolores Hicks, real name of the actress, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 20, 1938.

He had a short but prolific film career, appearing in ten films in five years, acting alongside renowned stars of the time such as Stephen Boyd, Montgomery Clift, George Hamilton and Robert Wagner, but his big screen debut came with a small role in the film “Loving You” (1957), starring Presley.

Elvis and Dolores Hart (Loving You 1957)

Daughter of actor Bert Hicks and his wife, Harriett Lee Pittman, who divorced, it was her grandfather, a movie theater employee, who influenced Dolores to decide on acting.

After his appearance with Elvis, he caught the attention of producers and made a couple more films before returning to act with Presley in “King Creole” (1958).

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It subsequently debuted on Broadway, winning a “World Theater” award.

Dolores and Elvis were the protagonists of the kiss that for a long time was remembered as the longest in history.

On the screen it lasted seconds, but it took hours to record it, as it was the first kiss of the Rock and Roll singer in fiction and the first of the beautiful young woman in real life and in movies.

Every time their lips touched, they both blushed, so the director had to cut the scene several times.

The actress herself has said that at that time Presley asked her out, but she refused.

In 1960, Hart landed the lead in the film “Where the Boys Are,” a project that was followed by four other films, including a lead role in “Lisa,” based on a novel by Jan de Hartog, which was nominated for a Golden Globe. as best dramatic film.

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In 1961 she played Santa Clara in the film “Francisco de Asís“, a film that is believed to have influenced her decision to abandon the life of the cinema, but Hart herself in an interview for a Spanish media outlet assured that “… While I was shooting it I didn’t think about being a nun, rather it happened when I did ‘Lisa‘ (1962) the role led me in that direction”. 

In addition, she was beginning to feel restless with fame, so a friend recommended that she visit Regina Laudis Abbey, in Bethlehem, to renew herself, and there she found peace, as she says in her memoir. 

Her last role was with Hugh O’Brian in “Come Fly with Me” (1963), at which point she decided to leave the film industry and also break off her engagement to Los Angeles businessman Don Robinson, all to become a nun, which it happened in the Benedictine abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut, in the United States, where three years after entering he professed his vows. She is currently Mother Superior. 

In 2006 she returned to Hollywood, after 43 years in the monastery, to raise funds for research into idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, a neurological disease she herself suffers from.

 In addition to being an abbess, Mother Dolores Hart is the only nun with the right to vote for the Oscar Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States. 

In 2012, he walked the red carpet at the Oscars, when he supported the documentary short film “God is the bigger Elvis“, by director Rebecca Cammisa.

 Source: Karl Orona of El Heraldo de México

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