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 January 8, 1935 was a tragic and glorious day, when two twins came into this world. Tragic because the first, Jessie Garon, did not survive. Her father placed her frail, lifeless body in a small coffin and buried her in an unmarked grave. But the second, Elvis Aaron, was destined for greatness, for eternity.

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His mother, Gladys, was sure of it: “When your twin brother dies,” he told Elvis, “whoever survives gets the strength of both of them, forever”.

 And Elvis always thought so.

Elvis had many unanswered questions, he wanted to find himself and know what was the reason for his existence. 

Elvis felt a huge emptiness and a desire to know and know more. His spirituality had no limits.

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In his conversations with his closest friends, he told them his deepest fears and longings… How he grew up in the heart of the South, where they were tremendously poor; how he had lived through things that caused him great pain and true tragedy… until he reached glory, to the top of the world, far beyond what he could have dreamed.

That change was so great for him that it was impossible for him to assimilate. I really felt that there had to be a reason, an answer to why all of this. He wondered why him? . Why his twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn and what would have happened to him if Jesse had lived. He wondered why his mother died so young after so much suffering, just when he was already beginning to be happy… 

All this was nailed to his soul and he had it all his life. He felt so alone, that he always talked about how empty his existence was.

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Elvis lived in the here and now, he lived in the moment. He was always upbeat and fun. He wanted to enjoy everyday things, but he carried a terrible load inside him that tortured him all his life

And in the end, behind the artist, the myth… there was the man, his pain, his loneliness…

 Music was his reason for living but he was lost in that personal void, which undoubtedly permeated and magnified his feelings and his music. His gift, his roots, his ability to work… made him great.

In music and in his beloved public he left his soul every day. In every sentence, in every note… and much of his greatness came from that simplicity of the young boy who was born and raised in the deepest south, to later conquer the world…

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Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo

Rosa Garcia Mora



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