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By Rosa García Mora

Elvis’ pianist, Glen. D. Hardin, heard the song “The Wonder Of You” and felt that it would be something very special in Elvis’s voice, so he asked its composer, Baker Knight, for his consent for Elvis to record it. It would even be Glen himself .D. who would arrange the song.

Baker, who admired Elvis deeply, was delighted that Elvis would perform his song.

Singer Ray Peterson had made this song a huge hit in 1959.

A curious anecdote took place when Elvis and Ray met…

Elvis, known to all for his humility, simplicity and respect for other artists, asked Ray:

Ray, can I record your song?

Ray surprised said: “But what question is that? You don’t have to ask my permission. You are Elvis Presley!!! “

And Elvis replied: “Yes I know, but you are the great Ray Peterson…“.

Elvis as always showing the essence of his being, as an artist and as a person, humility, simplicity and respect for other artists. A human quality, which always made him special in every way.

And here begins the story of one of the songs most loved by his fans and by the public at his performances. When it reached the ears of Elvis, he loved it and did not hesitate to incorporate it into his repertoire for January – February 1970, for his new season in Las Vegas.

The song was recorded by Elvis on Wednesday, February 18, 1970, live at the International Hotel in Las Vegas at the Dinner Show, and would be released on the “On Stage” LP in June 1970.

When no-one else can understand meWhen everything I do is wrongYou give me hope and consolationYou give me strength to carry on
And you’re always there to lend a hand
In everything I doThat’s the wonderThe wonder of you

A beautiful song; a song to love, to understanding, to hope. Friendly, endearing, and very close to his audience, who in the voice of Elvis, is filled with tenderness, gratitude and sweetness towards that loved one, who is always with him to give him comfort, peace and hope. Her voice shines like a diamond when she sings it, because when another’s happiness is your happiness, that’s love, that’s… what’s wonderful about you.

Here is the video of the song:

Article written and provided by Rosa García Mora https://www.facebook.com/rosa.garciamora.12

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