The World of Elvis Jumpsuits 1970: 


Engagement : Elvis On Tour, Number 3 . November 10th – November 17th 1970.

November 14, 1970. Show 8:30 p.m.

Location: The Forum. Los Angeles California.

Crowd: 18,698 people.

Jumpsuit: Wing Suit, Long Fringes.

 It was the first and probably only time (with one possible exception) that Elvis wore this suit. It is also possible that this long fringed suit, was worn at the Dinner Show on January 29, 1971, Las Vegas.

 It was spectacular, it really looked like it could fly, but tremendously uncomfortable and difficult to use. Several times the fringes got stuck in the microphone, and Charlie Hodge had to cut them. They got tangled up everywhere.

 It was a white jumpsuit with a cape already attached to the suit, and very long fringes coming out of the ‘cape’.

 No belt was made for this suit.

 Two very similar versions of this suit were made. The ‘first version’ was worn in Los Angeles in 1970. Compared to the ‘second version’, it had longer fringes and some minor differences in the lapel and collar. The ‘second version’ probably, was worn in Vegas during the 1971 January engagement.

It is also possible that this long fringed suit would have been worn, as I say, at the Dinner Show on January 29, 1971 where Elvis said:

 “I had this suit made for LA one night and wow…I had the fringes on the floor. When I finished the show I got tangled up in them so I couldn’t even leave…So if I break my head , you know… at the end of the show I’ll fly away…!”

Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo.

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