T.H. Barton Coliseum Little Rock, Arkansas April 17, 1972.

My mom nearly fainted when she saw the tickets and found out they were in ROW 3 on stage left. 

We had seen Elvis in concert before, but not this close! 

Our seats at the Alabama show the previous November were terrible…. in the stands to the left almost behind the stage and the location, plus Elvis’s Black Matador suit, made us see nothing.

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The night of the concert we arrived early and saw that the MGM film crews were present to film a part of what would be the movie “Elvis On Tour”.

 I have attached a photo taken at the Little Rock concert, and I apologize for its quality; my dad took it with an old Polaroid camera…. It’s not exactly the best quality photographic equipment of the time, but it does document the event.

Frankie Rider II 

The second photo is from “Elvis On Tour” before to go on stage at the T.H. Barnum Coliseum.

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