Elvis would usually start a session by greeting everyone in the studio, from the musicians to the guy sweeping the floors, and he did it individually.

Once this was done, he often sat down to chat with the band for a while to relax.

Elvis’ approach to making a record it was very unorthodox.

The producer, engineers, musicians, backup singers and other studio staff were ready and waiting, sometimes for hours, before Elvis arrived.

Each of these people was a member of a union and was paid wages according to the union scale.

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In the studio, time is money. With the number of people involved, every hour that passes costs a small fortune.

Elvis was often late, not because he was unprofessional, but because he realized that the longer the sessions lasted,the more money the sessionists could earn, and thus bring money home to support their families.

When Elvis finally arrived, he rarely got to work, he wanted to feel comfortable and relaxed to start recording.

This protocol was actually very effective because the inspiration and joy created in the studio is reflected on the records.

The charisma of Elvis, who mixes spontaneously with the musicians, is infused “live” directly into the recording”.

Diamond Joe Esposito: “Elvis Straight Up”

Source: Elvis Presley Taking Care of Business

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina

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