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“At Elvis’s last concert in Philadelphia, before he went into the army, I had a run-in with him. Backstage, there were policemen waiting to escort him to his car. But before he left he said to me, ”Ben keep writing those hits! “, putting even more emphasis on his words, with that contagious smile of his. He left for a few years, but during that time I always wrote thinking of him, waiting for his return.”

When Elvis got back from the service, he decided to record two of my songs. One of them, ”Fame And Fortune,” was his first post-army single release. He performed it on the ”Frank Sinatra Television Show,” which was a resounding success and broke all audience records (almost 70% of the US audience watched the Show).
Ben Weisman

The song “Fame and Fortune” was composed by Elvis’ regular songwriters Fred Wise and Ben Weisman.

Ben Weisman, a classically trained composer and pianist, began writing for Elvis in 1956 at the request of his music publisher, Jean Aberbach.
He wrote nearly 60 songs for Elvis, including many for his movies, more than any other songwriter.
Weisman wrote for Elvis from 1956 (“First in Line“) to 1971.

Elvis liked to have me around in case there was a problem. He had a great sense of humor and used to call me the ‘crazy professor,'” Weisman tells us.

Elvis recorded this song on March 21, 1960 at RCA Studio B in Nashville.

The song was first released as a single on March 23, 1960 as a B-side to “Stuck on You“.

In the United States, the single “Stuck on You” (backed by “Fame and Fortune“) was certified Gold by the RIAA for selling over 1 million copies.

Fame and fortune
How empty they can be
But when I hold you in my arms
That’s heaven to me
Who cares for fame and fortune?
They’re only passing things
But the touch of your lips on mine
Makes me feel like a king

A beautiful ballad, a song to love, performed with the crystal and velvet voice of Elvis from the early 60s. So sweet, it caresses you.

Two words that will have great meaning in Elvis’s life. And as the song says “how empty can they be“. They were his glory and his destruction. Its sunrise and its sunset.

But if there is something that Elvis could never achieve in this life, since his mother traveled beyond the stars, it was full love, pure love. her ghosts probably never allowed her to truly love. He searched for it, but never found it.

After the death of his mother, and the birth of his daughter, he only had two pure loves: music and his audience.

In their own words, they expressed it on numerous occasions to their friends and close people. I always felt that emptiness that fame and fortune can never replace.

Information provided by Elvis. El Chico de Tupelo
Rosa Garcia Mora.


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