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WR: You haven’t done any live shows in the last few years. Why do you hide from the world? 

EP: I haven’t been hiding. There is no deliberate attempt to keep me out of the public eye. I know that there are people who have said that the Colonel has some kind of strategy regarding my exposure to the public. But it is not so at all. What is certain is that we have a work program of three films a year, and that is a lot. It doesn’t leave you much free time between one and the other. 

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WR: Do you rest? Even at the risk that staying out of the public eye could affect your popularity? 

EP: I wouldn’t say that. But the Colonel says I can’t go to one country without offending people in another country, and I think he’s right. Someone will always be upset. But with films it is different, since they are shown in all countries. Still, I would love to go to England, for example, and do a couple of shows there. I’ve been thinking about it for some time, and I’m closer to getting it done than I was a couple of years ago.


WR: You make it sound so complicated, but is it really? I’m sure in Germany, for example, people wouldn’t mind if you visited England only. 

EP: It’s not how the Colonel sees it, and I trust him. 

WR: Meanwhile, the Beatles took it by storm. People say that somehow you or your absence are responsible for its rise and fabulous success. 

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EP: Regarding the Beatles, all I can say is enjoy it. They appeared three times on the Ed Sullivan show in this country and I’ve seen all three. 

WR: What did you think? 

EP: You can’t ask me how I really feel about them. I don’t think I should say it. I think it would not be fair to other artists. Remember that I myself was very lucky. I never forget that. It is very vivid in my memories. I will say that the Beatles have what it takes, and plenty of it, and everything has been made easy for them. I’m sorry, but I have to be diplomatic. 

WR: You don’t sound envious, but seeing the teenage girls screaming must have brought back memories… isn’t that kind of like it was with you? 

EP: More or less. But let me add that I wish you the best of luck. 

Source: WEEKEND Magazine, June 10, 1964

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