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Singer Presents… “Elvis” 

(known as the ”68 Comeback Special“) was the television special that marked Elvis‘ return to his television audience. As you know, it aired on NBC on December 3, 1968.

The recording sessions took place in June 1968, at the Western Recorder studio in Burbank, California and at the NBC studio.

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Among others, there were two shows on the program, called “Sit-Down Shows,” which were performed back-to-back on the evening of June 27, 1968.

On that day, June 27, during the “Black Leather Sit-Down” on Show 1, Elvis, on stage, grabbed Scotty‘s guitar and traded it to him. 

We can see it in the following link, in the program, before performing “Baby What You Want Me To Do“.


Scotty’s guitar was bigger, and had an impressive beauty and appeal, as well as a better and much brighter sound than Elvis’ guitar. 

Elvis felt much more confident with it and that guitar gave a great sheen and better sound to his playing.

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Elvis took the guitar from Scotty, because it obviously sounded much better and looked much better than his Gibson J 200. And perhaps one of the reasons it looked better is because it was electric, although it was not the only reason, far from it.

What is clear is that Elvis in the ring was not comfortable with his Gibson and Elvis always liked Scotty’s guitar. That guitar was very special.

But for Scotty it was a real bummer, as Elvis left him “unarmed“, without his inseparable instrument, in the middle of the show.

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So, behind what might seem like something normal, a simple exchange of guitars, it was not.


Scotty was a very particular and special person with his guitars and Elvis knew that asking for his guitar would annoy him, so he exchanged it while they were recording the performance, which Scotty could not publicly refuse.

Scotty’s guitar was very precious to him. It was the famous “63 Super 400 CES“, with which he would record his album “The guitar that changed the world“, dedicated to his Gibson Super 400. It was an extension of himself, and he never left it to anyone and Elvis knew it, but still, he changed it in the ring. 

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D.J. Fontana was horrified when Elvis told him that he was going to take Scotty’s guitar away from him, because everyone knew that his guitar was untouchable and he was going to get really mad. 

D.J. was worried about Scotty’s reaction, but because Elvis did it publicly, Scotty showed no signs of anger in front of the audience and behaved politely when he traded it to him.

The expression of that anger would come later when he left the stage.

Scotty was so angry that he withdrew the word from Elvis for several days.

Elvis was very fond of playing pranks on everyone. On the other hand, he didn’t like anyone to play them on him… And the truth is that no one dared to do it, unless they saw him in a very good mood. Although on this occasion the reason, more than a joke, was the fact that Elvis was very insecure about what it meant for him to return to meet his public. And the fact of using Scotty’s guitar would give him in those moments a greater security in his interpretation, although he knew that Scotty was going to be very angry.

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