Elvis - Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 4, 1956


Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 4, 1956. 

The train from New York to Memphis, where Elvis was traveling back home -at 1034 Audubon Drive- makes a stop to rest and have breakfast. 

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Elvis is waiting for his eggs and sandwich at the Terminal Station Coffee Shop.

 A stop for breakfast while changing trains. 

A black woman, standing, also waits for her breakfast, a tuna sandwich, but the counter is racially segregated and she can’t sit down. 

Elvis frequented establishments regardless of the areas of racial segregation.

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 He always defended at the cost of everything that all people are equal. For him those barriers did not exist, in a difficult time of strong racial segregation.

 As we can see, Wertheimer’s photos not only immortalized the soul and essence of Elvis, they are also a reflection of the essence of American society and culture of the time. 

Photo: Alfred Wertheimer 

Information provided by Elvis. El Chico de Tupelo

Rosa Garcia Mora.



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