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* Anecdote *

In 1953, Elvis was a frequent visitor to a restaurant located at 81 North in Memphis.

The reason was that Elvis Presley knew the restaurant’s owner, Lil Thompson.

“…Elvis would come in and sit down, ‘Mama Lil,

If I play guitar for you, would you give me a quarter?'” Lil recalled.

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And she always answered: “…no, but

I’ll cook you a cheeseburger” ?.

Lil, after stardom,

He proudly remembered Elvis.

One night, near closing time, Elvis’s friend George Klein called to let him know that Elvis was coming to his restaurant for lunch.

“…give us an hour to get there,” said George. Approximately an hour later, the group arrived with about twenty boys and girls.

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Lil waited tables and her husband, Tommy, did the cooking; the group stayed for a couple of hours, enjoying the food and each other’s company, and when Elvis finally got up to leave, he asked Tommy how much he owed. “…son, you don’t owe us anything,” Tommy said.

Shortly after they left, Elvis called and said “…look in the back of the phone book.” Lil found five hundred dollars hidden there.

I really loved Elvis,” Lil recently said. “I have buried a son and a husband, but the saddest thing in my life was losing Elvis”.

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When that hearse rolled out of the Graceland gates, it was so sad.”

In late 1990, the Western Steakhouse and Lounge located at 81 North Second Street in Memphis was demolished.

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