The photo was taken in 1951 at The Loew’s State Theater on Main Street in Memphis, where 16-year-old Elvis and Luke were co-workers. They both worked as ushers (ushers), and were good friends.

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Years later, Luther Nall said of Elvis: 

“Elvis didn’t have many friends in Humes, but after he got famous, a lot of people from Humes became his friends. A lot of that, I think, came from the fact that Elvis was a very individual person; he didn’t settle for the Peer pressure I didn’t care that it was individual, I think that’s the reason we were so close I guess. 

Even in those days, Elvis was a very sensitive person, very compassionate. It was special, without a doubt. He was not swayed by the opinions of others. He had his own opinions and he abided by them. He never tried to impose his opinions on others. We could talk and accept each other’s opinions, but he couldn’t talk to others because they weren’t willing to accept what he had to say.

Elvis was a very strong-willed person. His true ambition was guided by compassion and affection and not by fame and fortune.” 


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The photograph speaks for itself. Elvis was always a special person, different. His look, his look, his hairstyle, his clothes, his style, his presence… They already let us see that light that Elvis carried inside him. 

And although the background of the photo and its setting give us a certain gloomy and dark flavor. The light falls on him… or perhaps it is his light that illuminates the scene…

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Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo

Rosa Garcia Mora


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