Original name : Turquoise Concho.

Other names: Now Suit, Indian Stone.

Original Belt: Turquoise Concho Belt.

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It is a white jumpsuit, one piece, with metal rings on the lapels and on both legs, adorned by a beautiful turquoise stones, which makes it very eye-catching.

Elvis wore this suit in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the Fifth Season, from August 9 to September 6, 1971 at the International Hotel.

This suit was never worn outside of Las Vegas.

It was never worn on tour. But there is a possibility that he wore it at Lake Tahoe during that same year, once or twice, during his July to August engagement.

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The suit belt was also worn with the 1972 White Turquoise Concho two-piece suit during the August/September 1972 engagement in Las Vegas.

An image of Elvis in this suit, appeared on the cover of his 1971 album “Elvis Now“. Hence the nickname “Now Suit“.

Information provided Elvis. El Chico De Tupelo.

Rosa Garcia Mora.


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