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Bill Medley: “…Elvis would perform at 8 PM and I would perform at 10 PM, then Elvis would have his next show at 12:00 and I would continue at 2:00.

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Elvis comes backstage, on my stage, and I’m doing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin,” which he also did on his show.

He stops the boys and tells them: ‘…hey, Bill’s singing my song, man.’

So they come in the back door and I’m on stage, Elvis just walks past me, punches me in the arm and says, ‘..hi, Bill’ and move on.

Obviously the crowd just gets nervous and I don’t say anything, just walk away. 

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In those days, the city was small enough that everyone in town knew that Elvis Presley had taken the stage with Bill Medley.

So there were lines to get into my show and then the show starts and I’m doing “Lovin’ Feeling” and I’m right at the ‘…baby, baby, I’m down on my knees’ and here he comes again and he walks past with eight of his guys from Memphis and about ten of the security guys and they all punch me and say ‘…Hello Bill.’

I finally finished and the place literally went crazy, because that’s what they were there for and they didn’t think they were going to see Elvis Presley.

Elvis called my dressing room and said: ‘…Bill, I hope I didn’t ruin your performance right?’

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 I said, ‘Are you kidding? My next show is at eight, could you be there please?’

Elvis called me many times to tell me to go to his dressing room. I’d go downstairs and it’s just Elvis and his hairdresser and he’d send all the guys out to get into their positions, so Elvis and I would sit there talking, just me and him, like 40-50 times, I really got to know him.

We were big fans of Roy Orbison and Roy Hamilton, and their favorite song was Roy Hamilton’s “Unchained Melody,” not the Righteous Brothers song.

One night, I went to see their show, the band starts the 2001 theme and the women are screaming, it was crazy. 

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They were starting to fix him up a bit, make sure his hair was right, and it was the first time I saw him from about 12 feet from his microphone, backstage and I was like ‘…fuck that’s Elvis Presley!’

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Information provided by Carlos R.Ares (Elvis Shop Argentina)


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