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By Rosa García Mora

A song composed by Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh for the Broadway musical “Man of La Mancha” centered on the character “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes.

 A song with a very special meaning, which captures our deepest feelings, our deepest suffering, our most long-awaited aspirations; a song that chokes our throats when we hear it.

Many emotions remain raw when listening to it and much more when singing it.

It is pure emotion, pure feeling. Elvis believed from the depths of his being in this song and fully identified with it. His lyrics were very heartfelt for him, because his life was always that impossible dream. He pursued it, he searched for it in all the corners of his soul… But he never found it, never found the answer, never understood what was missing within himself. But despite that, he continued to fight until the end to give the best of himself in everything he did, even though, in the end, he didn’t even have the strength to do it anymore.

Elvis gave us this version of the song, officially recorded, on June 10, 1972 at the Evening show, in his glorious performance at Madison Square Garden

It was recorded by RCA and first released on the album “Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square Garden“, which was released a week after the Madison shows.

Elvis’s voice shakes during the performance. It’s overwhelming…

“Dream the impossible dream

Fight against the unbeatable enemy

Endure the excruciating pain

Running where the brave dare not go

Fix the uncorrectable error be much better than you are

Try when your arms are too tired

Reach for the unreachable star

This is my quest, follow that star

No matter how desperate no matter how far fight for what is right

Without questioning or stopping be ready to go to hell

For a heavenly cause…”

Here is the link to the video of this overwhelming interpretation of Elvis:

Information provided by Rosa García Mora https://www.facebook.com/rosa.garciamora.12


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