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Elvis Presley at West Monroe High School, February 18, 1955

On February 18, 1955, the future “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Elvis Presley, traveled to West Monroe, Louisiana, in his 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan that he had just purchased the previous month, accompanied by his guitarist, Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, who billed themselves as the “Blue Moon Boys” at the time.

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It was the final show of the Jamboree Attractions arts package that began in Roswell, New Mexico, in late January 1955. 

Known at the time as the “Bebop Western Star of the Louisiana Hayride,” Elvis, with Scotty and Bill, worked almost every night on the brief three-week tour with headliner Grand Ole Opry star Hank Snow and his Rainbow Ranch Boys.

Colonel Tom Parker, who would soon manage Elvis’s career, had recently added Hank Snow to his list of managers. 

The Colonel,” as Parker was known, pitched the Jamboree Attractions tour to local promoters saying the shows would introduce a new star who would “kill” them wherever he appeared.

But Hank Snow didn’t realize that the Colonel had misled the Country & Western star: he was less interested in enhancing Snow’s tour appeal than in the prospects of cementing a management deal with Elvis, whom he could see it had good potential.

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During the tour, Presley appeared before huge crowds and demonstrated unequivocally that he could compete with other more experienced professional musicians. 

It was becoming almost impossible for another artist to perform after Elvis on stage and then be heard over the screams of the girls (and often times their mothers too!)

After the second night of the tour, Colonel Parker wisely had Presley close the show, a move that angered headliner Hank Snow, who had always been the closing act.

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And also, the Colonel began to highlight the name of Elvis Presley to lead in the publicity announcements of the tour. 

Here is the very short list of Elvis songs for the West Monroe shows:

1. Milkcow Blues Boogie

2. Good Rockin’ Tonight        

3. You’re A Heartbreaker        

4. Baby Let’s Play House        

5. That’s All Right        

6. Breakin’ the Rules *

7. Blue Moon of Kentucky

Source: The Polyester Ball

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina

* Breakin’ The Rules (Hank Thompson)

Breakin’ the rules 

every time I hug and kiss you darlin’

While you wear another’s name

If you’re breakin’ the rules in any kind of game

You’re playin’ reckless

And takin’ chances just the same

Can it be a sin to love you like I do?

And we’d just be called a pair of fools

If it’s so wrong to want to be with you my darlin’

Then I guess I’ll go on breakin’ rules

Can it be a sin?

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