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Elvis Presley surpasses Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra in an incredible musical record.

 Almost half a century has passed since Elvis Presley died, but he is still the king of not only Rock’n’Roll, but also all solo artists of all time.

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 The late singer is the best seller of all time with claimed sales of over 500 million copies. 

Now, a new investigation has discovered that Elvis has also beaten Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra to another music record.

Experts from the marketing company Oppizi have compiled the top 10 American artists of all time who have sold the most physical copies of their music.

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 Elvis leads with 135,210,000 units sold, which is not surprising given that a recent survey revealed that 47% of Americans still consider themselves fans of The King!

Following the release of the Baz Luhrmann biopic and all the Oscars hoopla surrounding star Austin Butler, the film has undoubtedly sparked new fans from the younger generation.

 Meanwhile, Elvis’ best-selling single is “It’s Now Or Never,” with 5.42 million units sold, and is also the seventh best-selling single of all time.

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The second after Elvis in the largest number of physical copies sold is Frank Sinatra with 95,250,000 units sold. “My Way” was their best-selling single of all time with an impressive 989,000.

And in third place is Michael Jackson with 79,350,000 physical units sold, including 27 million “Thriller” vinyls. The 1982 record is the best-selling album of all time with claimed sales of 70 million copies. 

Interestingly, The King of Pop sold more digital singles than physical ones, with digital single sales of 79,930,000 being the highest Top 10 number on the chart.

Here is the full ranking:

 1. Elvis Presley – 135.210.000 

2. Frank Sinatra – 95.250.000 

3. Michael Jackson – 79.350.000 

4. Madonna – 75.210.000 

5. Stevie Wonder – 65.320.000 

6. Whitney Houston – 49.520.000 

7. Cher – 46.220.000 

8. Prince – 42.210.000 

9. Janet Jackson – 40.640.000 

10. Billy Joel – 36.910.000

Source: Daily Express

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina


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