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Elvis Presley And Jennifer Holden, Jailhouse Rock 1957

Jennifer Holden was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 24, 1936. She is an American actress, known mainly for appearing alongside Elvis as his co-star in the film Jailhouse Rock.

Filming for the film began at the MGM studios in Culver City on May 13, 1957 and ended on June 14.

Jennifer worked as a model before auditioning for Jailhouse Rock. He also worked as a rock-and-roll singer.

A curiosity during the filming of the film is that Elvis and Jennifer were involved in a small fire in Jennifer’s dressing room.
Elvis, always a hero, rushed to Jennifer’s aid and carried the actress to a safe place, without any harm and no one will be hurt.

“After we did the pool scene, I went back to my dressing room and there was a faulty switch. I went to pull the rope out the door and all of a sudden a flame shot out at me, the plug was on fire. I was so scared that I yelled at Elvis and he came running, opened the door and took me to a safe place. Then he invited me to dinner and we talked a lot about his problems. He was deeply unsure about what was going to happen to him when he was drafted into the army.

My first meeting with Elvis was on the set, but we had met before in Las Vegas. In our first meeting on the set, I remember he was very depressed for fear of losing his career, knowing that he was going to be drafted.

Oh God!. Elvis was great, his timing was fantastic. You could be totally mad at him for a minute and then the moment he started acting you were mesmerized. He had a rhythm that was just impeccable.

Once we became friends it was easier to work together. He invited me to see his Cadillacs and I went to the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel and had dinner with him and his boys. There were days when I would hang out on the set with him and Judy Tyler. We loved Judy Tyler and her husband (sighs), it was a sad loss. We got along very well.

Judy Tyler, Elvis Presley and Jennifer Holden

I didn’t really talk to Elvis’s guys much, and I’ve never talked to Elvis about anything too deep, but I remember the night Elvis told me, “I’m really bummed that I could lose my career when I get drafted into the army.” I said, ”No way, Elvis, no way! That will not happen”.

We had a long conversation about what was going on: ”Elvis, that’s the last thing you should be thinking about,” I said. ”It’s really not a problem at all. You came at the right time and even if you leave you will also be glorified. The main thing is that you are listening to a lot of people who you pay to agree with you and sometimes they can steer you towards things that are not good for you.

In many ways, he was a brat! (Laughter) but also very, very vulnerable. He was a very loving and generous person. I think he was a fantastic actor, but I think he would have done much better things if he had other managers…”

‘My fondest memory is how much Elvis and I laughed and enjoyed ourselves on the set.”


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