On June 30, 1956, Elvis would give two performances in Richmond Virginia, at the Mosque Theater, the famous theater on whose stairs, the iconic photos of Elvis and Barbara Gray, known as “The Kiss“, were taken. 
In the photo we can see Elvis, during the previous rehearsal, before going on stage, in The Green Room of the Mosque Theater. Elvis tries to rehearse his songs and tries to listen to the Jordanaires, his backup vocal group, but finds it very difficult, because the screams of his fans, who were waiting for him outside, and could be heard through the window, were deafening.

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Finally Elvis, unable to rehearse, went to the window and asked them to please shut up. After his request, they kept an absolute and respectful silence. 
Photographer Alfred Wertheimer, with one foot in the door, decided to take the opportunity to photograph Elvis again. 
Wertheimer, on his own, had taken a train to Richmond to photograph Elvis’s two shows at the Mosque Theater. 
When Wertheimer was asked what it was about Elvis that made him decide to follow him and photograph him as a photojournalist and not for hire Wertheimer replied: 
It’s amazing how Elvis allows you that closeness and… how he makes girls cry!” “It’s an inexplicable phenomenon.” 
In the evening, after the show, they took the train to New York, and then returned to Memphis for the performance at Russwood Park on July 4.
 Photo: Alfred Wertheimer 
Information provided by ELVIS. El chico de Tupelo. Rosa Garcia Mora
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