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It takes more than talent and looks to become music royalty. Money and fame came to Elvis very quickly after 1955.

Being rich or becoming King was never on Elvis’ agenda. His ultimate goal was to be a provider, and he would eventually provide for many more than just Vernon and Gladys.

Over the years, Elvis supported about 20 members of his family, many of whom lived at Graceland.


Even in death, Elvis continues to do what he set out to do: provide for his family and friends.

Elvis has been away from this earth longer than he was here, but he still provides. Elvis gives his fans a place to gather and pay tribute to him. It maintains the city of Tupelo, having made the small town a destination for tourists from around the world, who travel to see its humble beginnings. It keeps the city of Memphis going, bringing more jobs to the city with each decade.

Depending on the time of year, EPE currently employs between 350 and 450 people. The economic impact of Elvis’ legacy is felt throughout the city. It is estimated that Elvis brings in more than $150 million a year to the city of Memphis as his fans explore beyond the gates of Graceland.

In 2016, more than 200 jobs were added when the Guest House at Graceland was built. The $92 million property was the largest hotel built in Memphis in over 90 years! Progress continues because the legacy of Elvis Presley and Graceland continues to endure.

And it’s remarkable how Elvis continues to give back to so many people as the provider he always set out to be…


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