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Dolly Parton Regrets Telling Elvis ‘No’: Country music legend Dolly Parton just spoke out to express her regret for refusing to let Elvis cover her song I Will Always Love You, saying it “broke her heart” ” to say no.

In a BBC documentary Dolly Parton, the 73-year-old singer said she is “very protective” of her songs and that is why she refused to let Elvis record the song.

‘I Will Always Love You’ was Dolly’s first number one hit on the US country charts when she released it in 1974, but Whitney Houston covered it in 1992.

As she previously explained, Parton refused to allow Elvis to cover the song after Colonel Parker insisted that he would have to give up more than half of the publishing rights.

“Elvis already had it prepared and he loved this song, in fact Priscilla had told me not long ago that when she and Elvis were leaving the courthouse after their divorce, he was singing it to her. That “I will always love you.”

(EIN Note: ‘I Will Always Love You’ was first released by Dolly on RCA on March 18, 1974. Elvis’ divorce settlement in court was October 9, 1973. So it’s AMAZING that Elvis will sing it to Priscilla that day)!

But it wasn’t about Elvis. Colonel Parker wanted his part in that song and I wouldn’t let him because it was my most important copyright.

I had already had a number one song and it broke my heart because Elvis couldn’t sing it.

But I have been protective of my songs, as you are of your children over the years.”

The BBC documentary was called ‘Dolly’s Country’ and looks at Dolly’s 50-year journey through her career.

(News, Source; BBC/ElvisInfoNet). Information provided by Antonio Gte. González of “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”

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