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By Hugh McIntyre

Elvis Presley is the King and his legacy has been assured for a long time. The rocker has nothing left to prove to the world, but his music lives on.

Decades after his death, the legendary musician has returned to #1 on Billboard.

In the latest edition of the ‘Rock Streaming Songs’ list, Presley rises to #1 on the Billboard list with his song “Blue Christmas.”

The song ranks as the most played song in the US classified by the company as Rock, this determination being a bit subjective.

It’s not often that a musician who has been absent for many years returns to the top spot on any Billboard chart.

Blue Christmas” is one of many holiday hits that skyrocket in terms of consumption each holiday season, but there are a limited number of rankings where an older cut can rise to #1.

Many Christmas cuts perform well this time of year, but only a few can reach #1 on any list.

Surprisingly, “Blue Christmas” isn’t Presley’s only hit on this week’s ‘Rock Streaming Songs’ chart.

It’s #12 with “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

“Blue Christmas” reached #1 on the Rock Streaming Songs chart for the first time this year, but it had already climbed to the top before.

The song is one of several hits for Presley on the Rock Streaming Songs chart.

He has included three songs on the list, and two of them reach the top 10. These two hits come back to prominence every winter, and it looks like this trend will continue for the foreseeable future, as Americans can’t get enough of them.

Source: forbes.com

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