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MARCH 29, 1957 – ST. LOUIS, MO Kiel Auditorium St. Louis Post:

“…Elvis sang here, but the screams of 11,000 people often drowned him.

Elvis Presley, sparkling in sequins and metallic gold fabric, writhed and sang one night at the Kiel Auditorium convention hall before a crowd of about 11,000, most of them teenagers.


The artist, who had been holed up in a room at the Chase Hotel all day under an assumed name, had been taken by police to the auditorium through a dark entrance alley to avoid fans guarding the stage door.

The Rock’n’Roll singer didn’t take the stage until after the show’s intermission. Artists accompanying him on a nine-show tour made appearances, while Presley spoke to reporters and radio disc jockeys in Assembly Hall 2. What was scheduled as a press conference turned out to be dominated by teenagers seeking autographs. . that had infiltrated.

After intermission, during which viewers had another chance to purchase Elvis Presley memorabilia, the 22-year-old jumped on stage and the ruckus began.

The girls screamed and hundreds of flashes went off, making the room look like it was under an artillery bombardment. Presley clung to the microphone and swayed in a characteristic manner, waiting for the noise to subside a little.

When he announced his first song, the uproar started again. The girls relaxed. Elvis shouted, but he was outnumbered. His contortions were met with ecstasy. His most appreciated means of expression seemed to be the traditional hip movements of burlesque.

After Presley concluded the show and was ushered out the back door, the teenagers again, mostly girls, gathered outside the stage door and chanted ‘…we want Elvis.’

Other girls seemed reluctant to leave the hall’s lobby, unwilling to believe that attendants told them that Presley had left the building.”

Source: St. Louis Public Library

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