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Those Stories That Reach the Soul..

Provided by Alfredo Ayul

August 29, 1957. Elvis begins his second of three short tours that year. On August 28, Elvis boards The Empire Builder train. The trip would take them through several cities. The Colonel, always thinking about promoting his boy, warned in advance of these places that Elvis would pass on that train. At several stops, many people gathered to see Elvis. At a stop in Whitefish, a scene occurred. wonderful story!!

Karen says: “My name at that time was Dolly Petersen and my two teenage companions were Barbara and Mary Lou Lenz. Elvis had a pen and a comb in the breast pocket of his jacket. After signing some autographs, a friend of mine asked him for the pen and another fan his comb. Then I was left with nothing in this situation Elvis told me “since I have nothing to give you, I will give you my tie!!!!”

In this situation my friends went crazy wanting to have it too!! Faced with this dilemma, Elvis asks one of his companions for a knife to CUT the tie into three parts!! After that, he signed each of the parts. After that WONDERFUL gesture, he hugged us and said “goodbye”!!

Only a person as wonderful as Elvis could have such simple but at the same time so important gestures towards his fans. A memory that we will never forget and that whenever we can we share it with many people so that they know what Elvis was capable of doing for his fans “!!

Information source: Scotty Moore.

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