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EDITED 26-APR-1971


  1. LIFE


Side A: Life
Recorded: June 6, 1970 RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee
Author: Shirl Milete

Side B: Only Believe
Recording: June 8, 1970 RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee
Author: Rader

Publication date: April 27, 1971


Released in April 1971, just two months after the previous single (Rags To Riches/Where Did They Go, Lord), the single Life/Only Believe was a new gospel release, specially prepared for Easter that year. This single was recorded during the sessions of June 1970.

Life” was a new song by Shirl Milete (My Little Friend, It’s Your Baby, You Rock It), but on this occasion, everything in itself did not quite come together. The song had little gospel in it, the lyrics, even though they refer to God, are a bit “twisted” to say the least, the later arrangements did not help at all, but the most important thing of all is that Elvis did not like the subject. Despite this, he recorded it, once again leaving evidence that old habits had not ended, since the people who ran the publishing houses, presented songs that were not up to par.

The B-side, “Only Believe” was also not a song of good quality. This song had already been presented to Elvis in the 60s to be recorded on the LP “His Hand In Mine” but was discarded. Elvis also did not put much effort into the recording, as he is clearly somewhat disinterested, perhaps wanting to finish it and write the next song… The curious thing about this song is that if you want to hear a good version, you have to go to the International Hotel in Las Vegas in January/February 1971, where he also performed it and gained some points.

The single commercially reached number 53 on the Billboard charts, and sold the figure of 275,000 copies. 

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