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On October 3, 1977, CBS broadcast the special “Elvis In Concert”, a summary of two concerts filmed in the cities of Omaha and Rapid City on June 19 and 21 of that year. 

The June 20 concert in Lincoln, which was also planned to be filmed, could not take place due to technical problems. Felton Jarvis used a four-track recorder at concerts with the intention of producing a television special, but Elvis Presley’s physical deterioration forced the project to be shelved. 

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After his death, however, it was decided to issue it as a last tribute to the King. Although both concerts were Presley’s last professionally recorded concerts, Vernon Presley recorded a message that was broadcast at the end of the Special and included on the album, in which he erroneously stated that they were his son’s last appearances. 

Elvis in Concert 1977

Elvis performed five more shows after filming those concerts. The last one took place at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26, 1977, of which a professional recording was not made, although there are bootlegs and amateur recordings. 

Elvis in Concert 1977

Font: ELVIS PRESLEY – The Son of America Photos: TV Guide and.o.

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