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“…Elvis is the greatest cultural force of the 20th Century. He introduced the beat to everything, to music, to language, to clothing, it is a true new social revolution – the 60’s come from there” Leonard Bernstein

“…it was as if he had arrived and whispered a dream in our ears, that in some way, we all dream” Bruce Springsteen

“…You. They have no idea how big it is, really, they don’t. They cannot understand it – it is absolutely impossible. I can’t tell you why he is so big, but he is. “He is sensational” Phil Spector

“…he was a unique artist – an original in a field of imitators” Mick jagger

“…before Elvis there was nothing” John Lennon

“…every morning when I woke up, I looked out the window and there were always about two hundred kids lined up on the sidewalk, looking toward the house. Some stayed all day, to try to see him even for a moment. And when he left the house, he was very sweet to them. A lot of people I know would get angry, impatient – ??but Elvis was very affectionate with them, very attentive. “He always spent a lot of time with them, even if it physically exhausted him a little.” Natalie Wood

“…when I heard Elvis’ voice for the first time, I knew I was never going to work for anyone; and no one was going to be my boss… hearing it for the first time was like escaping from prison” Bob Dylan

“…he had a sense of rhythm in his voice. I heard a song and knew what to do with it. And no one else could do that.” Scotty Moore

“…Elvis was a real musician and a great vocalist. When he sang, I truly believed that the lyrics passed through his mind, through his heart and out of his mouth.” Jerry Scheff

“…Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you would want to meet” Muhammad Ali

“…I felt a responsibility towards him and towards the rest of the world as well. I felt like the whole world loved him. I adored him in a way that I can’t explain, but I also felt that a lot of other people loved him and that’s why I wanted to take care of him for them as well.” Linda Thompson

“…Elvis Presley was the symbol of the vitality, rebellion and good humor of this country” President Jimmy Carter

“…when he sang, he seemed to live every word. There are people who may have more voice than Elvis, but he had that something extra.” Jake Hess

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