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Elvis never forgot where he came. Throughout his life gave to hundreds of charities.

 On Thursday, June 24, 1965, Elvis was finishing the filming of the movie “Frankie and Johnny” at the MGM studios, in Culver City, Los Angeles, California, where it was recorded in its entirety the movie.

 His co-star was actress Donna Douglas, who in addition to her acting career was also a gospel singer and author of books for children and adults. The director of the film was Frederick de Cordova.

Elvis and Donna Douglas

 That day Elvis made a publicity and photographic report for the movie. But a very special ceremony also took place. At this ceremony Elvis was honored with recognition by the Film Community, represented by Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck, Bud Abbott and other actors, who expressed their gratitude to Elvis for contributing $50,000 to what was then called the “Motion Picture Relief Fund.” This check represents the largest single donation in the Fund’s history.

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 Frank Sinatra, present here at the ceremony, was also a very generous person, who also contributed throughout his life to collaboration in all kinds of charitable activities.

 The Fund was created during the 1930s, as the premature death of several former Hollywood stars, who ended their days in absolute destitution, shook and shocked the entire community.

Elvis and Frank Sinatra 

In 1940, Jean Hersholt, then president of the Motion Picture Relief Fund, purchased a plot of land to build the Motion Picture Country House. And in 1948, The Motion Picture Hospital opened on the grounds of Country House.

 Later this charity association was extended to the world of television, and is now called “Motion Picture & Television Fund” ( MPTF ). As I say, it is a charity, which offers assistance and care to those most disadvantaged people in the film and television industry, and their families, who have limited resources or no resources, including services such as temporary financial assistance, residential housing…

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 In addition to Frank Sinatra and Barbara Stanwyck, as I said, many people from the world of cinema and entertainment attended the ceremony: Donna Douglas, Bud Abbott, Chester Conklin, Samuel Goldwyn, Sue Anne Langdon and other famous people.

 Barbara Stanwyck, was there at that time, in Hollywood, recording the famous series “The Big Valley”.

Elvis with Barbara Stanwyck 

In the photos we can see Elvis with the famous, and it is pleasantly striking to see Elvis and Frank Sinatra together, posing for the press photographers, after so long.

  And it was not the first time that Elvis made donations to this organization. His donations were not punctual. He always used to do them periodically.

One more of the hundreds of charity associations to which Elvis provided his help throughout his life. 

1965, June 24. Elvis with Samuel Goldwyn, Frank Sinatra and Barbara Stanwyck

Most of Elvis’ charities received no publicity at all.

This time, however, the donation did have media coverage.

In the following link you can see the video of the ceremony:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGIWmSswk_w]

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