Elvis had a great passion throughout his life: animals


 Elvis had a great passion throughout his life: animals. Elvis always shared his life with pets. He loved dogs and one of his greatest passions was horseback riding.

His love for pets and his “petfriendly” philosophy accompanied him throughout his life.

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 Her mother also loved animals and Elvis probably inherited it from her.

He really liked giving animals to his loved ones and his friends.


 In 1956, Elvis gave his mother two poodles, Sweet Pea, and Duke (In honor to John Wayne). And in 1962 he gave Priscilla another poodle named Honey. He also gave her two Great Danes, named Snoopy and Brutus.

In 1956, Elvis gave his mother two poodles, Sweet Pea, and Duke

Linda Thompson said that Elvis was a very tender soul and had a big heart. As Linda tells us, one night they, literally, bought a pet store. Elvis bought about 20 dogs and gave them to his friends. Elvis and Linda kept a little chow named Getlow. He was a beautiful dog, but Elvis was going to get rid of him, because he had read that “chows” become aggressive against their owners. But Linda convinced him to keep it. Elvis and Linda loved him very much. But he had congenital kidney disease, and when he was one year old, he passed away. They were returning home from tour, on his plane, when they told him. Elvis began to cry uncontrollably.

MONKEY – Chimpanzee Scatter


One of his most curious and conflicting pets was the chimpanzee Scatter. It was very special. Scatter was the star attraction on a television show, hosted by “Cap’n Bill” Killebrew. He even had his own Club Scatter, well known by children. 

Elvis anda the chimpanzee Scatter

One day in 1961, the guys from the Memphis Mafia found out that Bill no longer wanted the chimpanzee on the show, and they told Elvis, who bought it from Bill. That’s how Elvis adopted his new pet. 

He was trained and knew how to do all kinds of tricks and stunts. He lived several years in Graceland. But being constantly surrounded by Elvis’s entourage was not the best environment for a little monkey, and Scatter quickly developed bad habits. 

He was like one of the Memphis Mafia. A very intelligent animal, but very conflictive. When a girl got up to go to the bathroom, for example, he would run and hide behind the bathroom door. And in a minute, Elvis and his boys knew they’d hear a bloodcurdling scream and see the girl shoot out of there screaming, and Scatter running after her.

 He was dedicated to looking under the skirts of the girls. He also had a habit of biting people, including Mafia boys. One day he also bit Vernon’s wife, Dee.

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 At first he was very funny and playful and well behaved. But he immediately began to give Elvis a lot of headaches.

 One day he was found dead at Graceland. Some say that he died naturally, and others that he was poisoned by a servant, Daisy, whom he had bitten and scared on several occasions.

HORSES – The Golden Palomino “Rising Sun”


Another of Elvis’ great passions was horses. Elvis rode with great enthusiasm, and cared deeply about his horses. The Golden Palomino “Rising Sun” would be the horse that became his personal mount. Elvis adored him. When he bought it, he had a stable built which he christened ‘The House Of Rising Sun‘.

Elvis' great passions was horses

But the herd of horses he owned grew so large that it outgrew the Graceland grounds and in February 1967, Elvis purchased a cattle ranch just across the border from Mississippi. The ranch would be named Circle-G, in honor to Graceland.

When his horse, Rising Sun, died, no one said anything to Elvis, until he finished his concert tour, for fear that the news would lead him to cancel it.

 Elvis always sought comfort in his land and in his horses. And he also looked for it and found it in all his pets, which were an important part of his life.

Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo.

Rosa Garcia Mora.



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