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Young and crazy Elvis Presley



This is the story of a young and crazy Elvis Presley who, together with his inseparable friend and protector, Red West, dedicated themselves to doing pranks wherever they went, and lived through all kinds of situations like the one I’m telling you next.  

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In 1955, at one of the many concerts that Elvis gave, he met June Carter, a singer and comedian, a member of “The Carter Family”, one of the most influential American groups in the history of folk music.  So June was working touring, and so was her husband at the time, Carl Smith, also a country singer.  June would later be the wife of Johnny Cash, and it was Elvis himself who introduced them.

June Carter and her first husband Carl Smith

 Elvis and June became very good friends and she told him “Elvis, if you ever pass through Nashville come visit me.”

 Elvis once took a trip to Nashville with Red, and he said, “Red, why don’t we go see June?”

 And they do it like that.  They knocked on the door, but… no one was there.  Elvis and Red were tired and hungry and the only thing that crossed their minds was to break the window and go into the house!

June Carter and Johnny Cash, a beutiful history of love

Since they were hungry, neither short nor lazy, like two small children, they used the collection of copper pots that June had hanging as an ornament in the kitchen, to make dinner.  Needless to say what she happened to all those collection pans.  They were smashed!

 And since they were sleepy later, they decided to lie down in June and Carl’s bed.

 The next morning, when Carl got home, he saw that the window was broken and he thought that they had been victims of a robbery.  He entered and saw all that destruction, and when he reached the bedroom, Elvis, who had heard his footsteps, got up and greeted him calmly.  Red was scared to death, since he guessed Carl would think that Elvis was sleeping with his wife, and he was in a bind!

Elvis and his friend and bodyguard Red West

He stuck his head out, very slowly, and said shakily: Hi, Carl!

 Faced with this comical situation, Carl burst out laughing.  June would arrive later and they would have a fun day, after Elvis and Red’s prank.

 One more of the many adventures that he lived in his youth.

ELVIS.  El Chico De Tupelo.

 Rosa Garcia Mora.



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