1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, Tennessee. July 4, 1956


After his long train ride from New York, Elvis arrives home. After having been in the pool and having taken a shower, still barefoot and bare-chested, Elvis listens together with his girlfriend, Barbara Hearn, on the phonograph, the acetate with the cuts of his songs from the recording session in New York. 

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Barbara looks elegant in a white dress with dark polka dots. She tells us the story of this photo like this: 

”People don’t understand what’s in that photo,” he said in an interview. “Elvis had just been outside in his new pool, which was being filled with the garden hose. I was dressed to go out with him at night, all dressed up. And what we’re doing, he just got on the train from I was back from New York, where I had recorded some new songs for RCA Victor. He had brought the recordings of those sessions, which had not yet been released. We were listening to one of them. Elvis wanted to know if I thought the song was good. I told him yes, because I thought it was. The song was “Don’t be cruel”. 

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At night Elvis would give one of the most iconic concerts of his career. The one in Russwood Park. 

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, Tennessee. July 4, 1956.

 Photo: Alfred Wertheimer

Information provided by Elvis. El chico de Tupelo Rosa Garcia Mora.



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