Christmas was always a very special and very important time for Elvis. Graceland, his home, became a place of enjoyment and happiness for everyone. He loved the holidays, being with his family and all the fun things that Christmas brought: decorating, opening presents, celebrating New Year’s Eve, his birthday, sleigh rides, making snowmen and playing snowball toss….

Although Elvis loved to receive gifts, his favorite Christmas activity was giving gifts to everyone.

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His friends received cash bonuses. Gifts for family members ranged from jewelry to new cars. Elvis loved their happy faces when they opened the gifts. The early morning hours of Christmas Day were often the best times at Graceland. After everyone went to bed, Elvis and the boys would bring out the presents and place them under the tree. 

He always wondered what they would be doing that night, all the people who didn’t have financial resources. “I wish I could feed all the poor children and give them presents,” he reflected ruefully.

When it came to Christmas, Elvis never grew up, he was always a child. 

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In 1957, when Elvis bought Graceland, all the traditions began in his new home. The purchase of Graceland gave him the opportunity to celebrate the holiday the way he liked, and fill everything with Christmas lights and decorations. 

The driveways and main house were lined with blue lights, and out front were Christmas trees, decorated with colored lights, a Santa Claus sleigh and a train of eight reindeer. Inside, his mansion was fully decorated, with the focus on the huge white nylon spinning Christmas tree. After Christmas Day dinner, everyone would gather around the piano to sing Christmas carols.

Elvis’ singing of Christmas was very significant in his musical career. His songs and his Christmas spirit, as well as gospel music, were deeply reminiscent of his roots and origins, and were forever reflected in his Christmas albums.

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To this day, Graceland’s Christmas decorations remain a tradition, and are still kept intact, so that it remains the magical and iconic place that keeps the memory of Elvis and his love for the holidays alive.

Merry Christmas to all!

Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo 

Rosa Garcia Mora 



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