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Elvis Presley and Red West


It is a beautiful Christmas song, popularized by Elvis and written in 1965 by his friend and bodyguard Red West

Red recorded it and released it that same year, under his own label for the 1965 Christmas season, but it met with very little success.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSi5xbqW04M]

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The following year, Red gave the song to Elvis, as he wanted to record a Christmas song. Elvis recorded it on June 10, 1966 at RCA’s Studio B in Nashville

Elvis reportedly had a cold and a throat infection at the time, so he was in no condition, nor in the mood to record.  For this reason, he asked his friends Red West and Charlie Hodge to go into the studio and fill in for him, providing vocals, while the musicians prepared the tracks.

In addition to providing lead vocals, Red West reportedly recorded ”If Every Day Was Like Christmas” and “Sleepless Nights, Endless Days” (his own compositions) during this session as well.

It was released as a single on November 15, 1966, having as B-side, ”How Would You Like to be”, a song from the movie ”It’s Happened at The World’s Fair”.

A certainly strange release, and without much logic, in the ill-advised line with which RCA treated Elvis’ releases and material.

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I hear the bells

Saying Christmas is near

They ring out to tell the world

That this is the season of cheer

I hear a choir

Singing sweetly somewhere

And a glow fills my heart

I’m at peace with the world

As the sound of their singing fills the air

Oh why can’t every day be like Christmas

Why can’t that feeling go on endlessly

For if everyday could be just like Christmas

What a wonderful world this would be

A beautiful song, which Elvis loved to perform. 

The songs that Red composed for Elvis were always very accurate, as Red knew him very well since they were very young and were very good friends. Always reflecting the mood and feeling of Elvis at that time in his life.

Elvis Presley and Red West

That’s why Elvis always loved the songs Red composed for him.

Elvis performed “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” with all the love he felt for Christmas and with all the joy and affection he felt for these Holidays, so important to him. 

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Elvis loved Christmas, it had a very special meaning to him. And really, as the song says, he wished that every day was like Christmas, because they were magical days of home warmth, of celebration, of love for family and loved ones.

Here is the link to the song.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7gIplOB4hA]

Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo 

Rosa Garcia Mora 



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