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Sally Hoedel, who investigated Elvis Presley’s death, speaks of an “undeniable pattern”: Lisa Marie’s sudden death at age 54 and Elvis’s death could be linked to a genetic flaw in Presley’s family tree.

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In 2020, biographer Sally Hoedel argued that Elvis was always “destined to die young” after allegedly inheriting multiple health problems, mostly stemming from incest between his grandparents. 

Lisa Marie died on January 12 after going into cardiac arrest. 

Elvis died of a heart attack at age 42 on August 16, 1977.

Elvis’s mother, Gladys, and three of his siblings also died at a similar age from heart or lung problems.

His book “Elvis: Destined to Die Young” claimed at the time that the singer’s death was the result of bad genetics, caused by the incestuous marriage of his grandparents, who were first cousins.

 Since the news of Lisa Marie’s death, the author has spoken out about the possible genetic link.

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Hoedel noted: “…Lisa Marie has now left her children prematurely, just as Elvis left her in 1977 when she was only nine years old.

 It’s also how Gladys left him before that.

“…there is an undeniable pattern of dying young in the family with heart, liver and lung problems running high in the family tree. 

It’s obviously too early to speculate about Lisa Marie, but reports so far point to a heart-related event.

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It is impossible to learn of Lisa Marie’s death at age 54 and not see the possibility of a correlation. 

Before Lisa Marie’s untimely death, Hoedel’s interest in the possible genetic defect was sparked by noting the disturbing similarities between the deaths of Elvis and Gladys.

The mother of one of the most famous singers in the world died on August 14, 1958 of heart failure, as a result of her alleged addiction to alcohol. 

“…it stops being a coincidence when it comes to Elvis because there’s a lot going on in that family tree,” Hoedel told The Sun in August.

The author noted that Presley’s health seemed to fail rapidly, turning from the energetic and healthy man nicknamed “Elvis The Pelvis” to a deteriorating version of himself. 

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News publications at the time widely believed that Presley’s death was the result of years of gluttony and drug abuse, but Hoedel denies this, claiming that the drugs were to alleviate his health problems.

“…Elvis had several health problems, but he hid them so well that excessive medication is what we remember now. I would often take too many pills and there are problems there, but you have to wonder why I was taking those pills in the first place.” 

The author also questions the cause of Gladys’ death, which has been attributed to hepatitis; Hoedel instead believes it was due to alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and liver.

“…we know Elvis had it because he was found to be a carrier of Alpha-1 after his death, so it had to come from somewhere.

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The Presleys were incredibly secretive about their health, but I did manage to interview people like Nancy Clarke, the daughter of Gladys’ cardiologist, who used to make house calls with her father at the Presleys’ house. 

She told me that her father told her that there was more to Gladys’s death than was known. 

It all goes back to Gladys’s parents.”

In addition, Hoedel claims that both mother and son had a “similar four-year period of degenerative health” before their deaths, “which is interesting because they weren’t on the same types of medications.” 

Doll Smith is also believed to have had tuberculosis, a bacterial disease of the lungs, for 30 years.

“…again, (tuberculosis is) something that doesn’t make sense, but it continued to be passed down the family tree and then through Elvis’ recorded history as well,” Hoedel said.

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“From there, with the first cousin marriage, Gladys may have inherited two damaged genes and a more severe version of the disease (tuberculosis).” 

All of Gladys’ siblings died young, and her sister Retha died at 30. 

Source: 7News.com.au / EIN and.o.

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