LOVE ME TENDER – Elvis Presley's First Film Role (Part 5)

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(Part 5)

Presley was just as serious about acting as he was about Hollywood itself. ” All my life I wanted to be an actor ,” he said in interviews. ” Although I’ve never even acted in any school plays. Still, I always hoped in the back of my mind that maybe someday, somehow, I’d get a chance to play .

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Therefore, he treated his presence in the capital of American film with the greatest respect. Like a dream come true. From the first moments he absorbed the atmosphere of this place. Walking between the studios, he recognized the places where his favorite productions were made. He got excited about every movie star he spotted backstage or met in person. His co-workers later recalled that sometimes, mainly during lunch breaks, when he happened to notice that someone famous or one of his favorite actors was sitting at the next table, he would immediately inform them about it and he was extremely affected by this fact.

The list of screen stars Elvis met, worked with and dated in Hollywood during his more than a decade long acting career was truly impressive. Unfortunately, one thing was missing – the most important name for him. ” I never met Jimmy Dean as much as I wanted to ,” he admitted one day.

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His idol – the star of such cult films as “East of Eden”, “The Giant” or “Rebel Without a Cause” (Elvis supposedly knew all Dean’s lines from this film by heart) died in a car accident in September 1955.

Fortunately, Nick Adams (actually Nicholas Aloysius Adamschock) – actor and Dean’s close friend – was also in Hollywood at the time Elvis was shooting “Love Me Tender“. As the story goes, he came to Hollywood to discuss his next role with 20th Century Fox. Previously, he worked on such films as “Somebody Loves Me”, “Strange Lady In Town”, “Mister Roberts” or “Rebel Without a Cause” and “The Giant”.

Today, there is no 100% certainty as to how the paths of the two stars crossed – some sources claim that as soon as Elvis found out that Nick was in town, he immediately ordered him to find and arrange a meeting, while others say that Presley and Adams ran into each other quite by accident – in the break between shooting, the fact remains that both met on the second day of work on “Love Me Tender” (then the film was still called “The Reno Brothers”) and almost immediately found a common language.

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” My dad was just leaving the studio after an audition when Elvis called him by name and walked over to him ,” Allyson Adams, Nick’s daughter, told The Eye Of Faith Vintage in an interview. “Dad said that when he first made eye contact with Elvis, there was an immediate understanding between them. Elvis knew my father was in Rebel Without a Cause and was friends with James Dean and Natalie Wood. He wanted to be part of this young Hollywood company even though Dean was already dead. Dad, on the other hand, was a successful man and in those years he was considered a person to ‘know’ because he knew many people from show business. Elvis, who took his acting career very seriously, didn’t know anyone in Hollywood at the time, so he asked him to show him the city. And he did. They were both young actors at the time who just wanted to be great .”

Over time, Adams became more than just a friend to Presley. For him, he was a kind of guide through the closed world of Hollywood. He introduced him to a rather hermetic environment of actors, producers and film directors, and introduced him to his equally famous friends, including Dennis Hopper and the aforementioned Natalie Wood.

A few days after their first meeting, Elvis invited Nick to his home in Memphis where he introduced him to his family and friends. The actor was supposedly charmed by the singer’s eyes (it is said that he loved the kitchen of Gladys – Elvis’ mother). They both spent almost a week there.

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Soon after, in late September 1956, Elvis asked him to perform for him at his Tupelo concerts*

Elvis played two shows in Tupelo on September 26, 1956, during the Mississippi-Alabama Fair And Dairy Show. The same one where he performed ten years earlier singing “Old Sheep”. This time, however, he returned to the city like a real star and the owners of Tupelo, in his honor, announced September 26 as Elvis Presley Day.

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