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Clambake is a 1967 film directed by Arthur H. Nadel and starring Elvis alongside Shelley Fabares and Bill Bixby

Clambake was the last of four Elvis films for United Artists. 

Filming for the film began on March 10, 1967 and ended on April 27.

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The car that Elvis drives in the movie is a spectacular 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Racer.

 When filming for Clambake began, Elvis’s growing anguish over the quality of his films led to deep discouragement. He began to overeat and gained a lot of weight.

Elvis said that it was his least favorite movie to make and also stated that his favorite was King Creole

Undoubtedly, in this year 1967, Elvis found his lifeline, in the recording of the album “How Great Thou Art“, which was released in February 1967.

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It really was his artistic and personal salvation, since his contractual relationship with Hollywood had him plunged into the deepest of depressions. Elvis himself confessed that he became ill, both physically and psychologically.

 And that his stage in Hollywood was already devastating for him.

Fortunately this situation was about to change…

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