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It is a popular song, which was written and composed by country songwriter, singer, and musician Don Gibson, who first recorded it on December 3, 1957. 

By the time of Gibson’s death in 2003, the song had been recorded by more than 700 artists.

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 The song was covered by Ray Charles in 1962, and released as a single, reaching number 1 on the Billboard chart.

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Elvis, on his return to the stage, on July 31, 1969, introduced this song into his repertoire, making a magnificent version. 

RCA was preparing to record a live album, Elvis’s first, and they made a series of recordings of the performances of this first season in Las Vegas. The first was on August 3, 1969 at the Dinner Show, and then the performances between August 21 and 26, 1969, at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

On August 25, at the Midnight Show, RCA recorded the song “I Can’t Stop Loving You” which was used to be released on the October 14, 1969 double album “From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis, and which would later be released as an individual album, under the name “Elvis in Person”. 

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With his interpretation in the version of the album “Elvis in Person”, Elvis would introduce this theme in his discography, and it shows why Elvis insisted so much on having such spectacular choirs and that he liked so much.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMMmfT6ajg0]

The interpretations of this theme are very vigorous in Elvis’s version, they can be heard full of great strength, and they had the impetus, power and overwhelming rage of that Elvis full of desire to be on stage, and where the choirs of the Imperials (in these early years) and the Sweet Inspirations, take on great prominence. 

Most artists at that time sang solo with an orchestra, but Elvis was different. He always liked those sets of voices and he loved vocal groups, which would always be a great vocal support for him, and would give a very special touch to all his performances.

The performances of this song in the third season of August 1970 Las Vegas are also well known, as they were recorded and filmed for the documentary film “That’s The Way It Is”. 

Elvis would go on to introduce this song into his later set lists.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iexL2oOxZu8]

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Rosa Garcia Mora 



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