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Elvis’s parents, Vernon and Gladys, were always very devout people and gave their son a very traditional upbringing. 

We all know that Elvis was a very believer and highly spiritual man. He liked to celebrate all the family traditions and festivities with his family and friends, both Christmas and Easter.

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These Easter dates were always celebrated at his house, organizing family meals and, of course, the traditional Easter egg hunt, in exchange for giving a prize to whoever found the most.

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After the birth of Lisa Marie, the game became even more fun for everyone. Elvis organized the official egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

The night before, Elvis and the boys spent the whole night carefully hiding the chocolate eggs all over Graceland. The next morning, Lisa Marie; Dee’s sons: Billy, David and Ricky; and many of the children of Memphis Mafia members, and friends, would spend hours searching for the prized chocolate eggs. 

The winner would be the one who managed to find the most eggs. Elvis, who was the youngest and the most mischievous of all, used to cheat, and instead of spending the day looking for the eggs, he would take them from the refrigerator and say that he had found them. In this way he always declared himself the winner!!!

This is how Linda Thompson told us, who was her partner after her divorce.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHZ4Lva3QZ0]

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Easter days, like Christmas parties, were always happy days at Elvis’s house. Beautiful days of love, family and friendship.


Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico De Tupelo.

Rosa Garcia Mora



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