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In his book “A Life In Music“, Ernst Jørgensen saw Presley’s union with Garland as a turning point in Elvis’ career.

…in a sense, putting this group together was RCA’s first real creative contribution to an Elvis Presley recording session.”

Scotty Moore, who in his biography referred to Hank Garland as one of his “heroes,” returned to the studio for Presley’s post-Army sessions, but it was obvious that Garland should be considered the lead guitarist on the Elvis sessions in the future.

On June 25-26, 1961, Hank Garland returned to Nashville’s Studio B with Elvis to record some songs for his next single. “His Latest Flame” with “Little Sister“.

Hank’s guitar work on “Little Sister” was arguably his most inventive contribution to any Presley recording.

Jørgensen recounted the scene in the studio:
…Scotty took up the acoustic guitar while Hank Garland took the electric one. “…when they recorded ‘Little Sister,'” guitarist Harold Bradley recalled, “…Hank had to borrow my Fender [Jazz Master] guitar.

Hank felt like he needed a different sound for that particular record… He didn’t think the guitars he used were funky enough or had enough acceleration.

Elvis and the group were so excited that they played the song over and over again until 7:30 in the morning.

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