Elvis And Kitty Dolan 1958

On March 3, 1958, Elvis would begin filming the scenes for “King Creole” in the city of New Orleans.

On March 11, Elvis paid a visit to Frank Senne’s Moulin Rouge, dinner theater, at 6320 W. Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

It was a King Creole cast party hosted by Hall Wallis.

In the photos of the party we can see Elvis with Kitty Dolan and the producer of the film Hall Wallis.

Elvis with Kitty Dolan and the producer of the film Hall Wallis

Although Elvis had been dating Anita Wood since July 1957, eight months before he was inducted into the army, he was still having affairs with other girls. Kitty was the girl Elvis had been seeing almost as long as Anita, but she was a well-kept secret.

Singer, actress, and model Kitty Dolan, described as “the least publicized girl in Elvis’s life,” met Elvis in Las Vegas in the fall of 1957 when he was singing at the Tropicana Hotel.

Kitty visited Elvis on the set of King Creole in early 1958. Kitty spent a lot of time with him, accompanying him and helping him rehearse the script for the film.


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